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The following links illustrate the events, local town fairs and festivals taking place during your stay:

Here are some dates of traditional local summer festivals:

  • June – September: San Mauro Mare Village
- a vast assortment of daily activities and weekly programmes for both young and old:

  • June – September: San Mauro Street Music

  • June – September: I sentieri delle conchiglie – The Trails of The Shells –

San Mauro Pascoli & San Mauro Mare

  • June – September: Pascoli Excursions at San Mauro Mare

  • June – September: Photographic Exhibition “12 passi indietro” San Mauro Mare Promenade
  • Museo Casa Pascoli a San Mauro Pascoli

  • 6-7 June: Un Mare di Fiori  – A Sea of Flowers – San Mauro Mare
  • 13-20 June: Festival dei Bambini – Kids’ Festival – San Mauro Mare

  • 3 July La Notte Rosa nella Riviera Romagnola

  • 12-19 July International Hip Hop & Street Dance Festival – Cesenatico

  • 1-2 August Traditional Garibaldi Festival – Cesenatico

  • 14 August Grande Rustida dei Pescatori – Seafood Festival – Cesenatico


Weekly market: Monday

Summer evening market: Wednesday and Friday


The beach resorts have no boundaries, each one runs into the next. In the 300 metres of San Mauro Mare, just a few kilometres from Rimini and Cesenatico, tradition and modern living have infused to offer mini beauty centres with relaxing Jacuzzis and vaporised aromas to pamper you, beach tennis school, beach basketball, swimming school, personalised fitness courses, aerobics, play parks and sports activities, games, music, baby club, water aerobics and kids’ clubs with animators.

NOTTE ROSA – Guaranteed after dinner entertainment for both young and old with an intensive summer event calendar to fill each day with exhibitions, concerts, sport and cultural events, some events shown live on national TV. The numerous local discos offer youngsters all night entertainment and perhaps even a chance to meet VIPs from the world of TV and stage alike. A very popular annual event is the NOTTE ROSA, the New Year of Summer where the 110 kilometres of the Riviera Adriatica dell’Emilia Romagna is coloured pink from sunset to sunrise. There is an explosion of lights, sound, images, colours, 110 kilometres of concerts, theatrical performances, reading, conventions, exhibitions, shows and magical scenography. Each town interprets the theme in a unique and creative manner offering a night of intense emotions to the public, a night where the Riviera becomes a huge stage, where everyone present is a protagonist of this great and original event but where the main character is pure enjoyment and “la vita dolce”, “sweet life”. This year the event takes place on Friday 7th July 2017!

Sea, relaxation, enjoyment and good food are the main ingredients offered during holiday events and performances, with walks, seafood dinners and town centre shopping too. FERRAGOSTO on the 15th August is a time to really see the town in full flow, full of tourists and events on the seafront, in the main streets and town parks.

San Mauro Mare also dresses up for Christmas and New Year with a firework display and midnight toast all with the winter sea in the background, while the youngsters can enjoy one of the many puppet shows and much more.


The Romagna shopping centre at Savignano sul Rubicone is just a few steps away from San Mauro Mare, a local tourist attraction for those staying on the Riviera Adriatica, especially on rainy days. 
A shopper’s paradise with over 100 shops where you can find everything possible, sportswear and accessories, household products, clothes, DIY products, outlet stores and a large supermarket with great prices. 
Open from early morning until late evening the centre has many food restaurants, self-service and refreshment areas, where you can taste traditional regional dishes. 
Next to the Shopping Centre there is a McDonald’s and McDrive, multiscreen cinema UGC, Laser Game and many more shops.

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San Mauro Mare is a tourist destination between Rimini and Cesenatico…

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Parco Mirabilandia:

Mirabilandia, situated in Savio, a suburb of Ravenna, on the main road SS16 (via Romea Sud), is the largest amusement park in Italy set in 850,000 square metres of parkland. The magical park atmosphere hits you as soon as you enter. There are 2 main park areas, the theme park, divided into 7 areas, and the water park. The theme park, immersed in lush green grounds, offers many attractions, rollercoasters, water rides, theme rides and also a stage for events. 
The Water Park boasts swimming pools, water slides and man-made beaches. The whole structure has been developed around 3 small lakes, 1 central and 2 secondary, where various bird species, even migrants, nest. Amongst the many theme park zones is Bimbopoli, a special area designed with the younger visitors in mind, with imaginative themes often animated by park mascots. There are almost 40 attractions designed for all ages to enjoy with daily shows offering precious carefree moments for all the family. Mirabilandia offers not only enjoyment but also time to relax with nature in the Giardino Incantato “Enchanted Garden”, a floral garden with grassy areas and water elements (3 lakes, 7 fountains, 14 waterfalls) and yet more attractions found in the Mirabilandia Beach area. Here you can find 2 man-made lagoons, surrounded by sunbeds, umbrellas, services and restaurants, all with a Caribbean native theme. There are also numerous services that help guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable time in the park: restaurants (Locanda del Faro, El sombrero, Italian cooking, Romagnola regional cooking, self service), ice-cream vendors, bars, souvenir shops, push-chair rental, picnic areas, McDonald’s and Mcdrive.
Open from Easter through to October.

Le Navi Park, Cattolica:

The aquarium at Cattolica is the biggest on the Adriatic coast. It resides in buildings from the 1930s and takes the form of a navy fleet, originally the buildings were a marine colony for the children of Italian residents abroad. In June 2000, under the supervision of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali e Architettonici, the careful restoration work was completed bringing the buildings back to their original splendour whilst enhancing the whole area, rich in history and marine traditions. The aquarium, extending over 110,000 square metres, stands on the Cattolica sea front with ample car parking area available. The spacious green areas, over 49,000 square metres, can be used as a public park and have the following services: relaxation zone, adjacent to the sea, refreshments, bars, theme shops, picnic areas, kids’ entertainment, shows, exhibitions, cultural events. Underground tunnels guide visitors through an enchanting journey that focuses on knowledge and respect of the marine ecosystem, offering a wave of emotions. The Aquarium’s main attraction has to be the face-to-face interaction with sharks, an amazing experience for all to enjoy thanks to the air supply system that permits direct contact between shark and man! This exclusive experience in the spacious shark tank is carried out alongside our highly qualified sub-aqua personnel following maximum safety procedures. No license is required due to the fact that oxygen tanks are not required so the experience is available to all above the age of 12 years old. A touch tank is used and more than 20 species approach the border enabling you to touch them. 14 sharks of different species swim in the 700.000 litre seawater tank together with numerous pelagic fish. The aquarium itinerary has 70 expository tanks with over 3000 examples of 400 species from all over the world.

Il Delfinario, Rimini:

Dolphins are sociable and extremely intelligent marine animals able to evoke deep emotions and curiosity. 
The Delfinario at Rimini is home to a group of “Tursiops truncatus” dolphins, adult females, adult males and their offspring, born here over the years. To reach the Dolphin tank you walk through the long Sea Gallery and embark on a short journey to discover the mysteries of what lies in the deep abyss. Together with the dolphins you will discover many other spectacular sea and river creatures.
The Dolphin Show evokes intense feelings with the most magical moment being when the trainer dives into the tank with them, imagine being in her place, entering the water with complete respect for the hosting environment and the dolphins who invite you to play with them! A final cordial flipper salute, an unforgettable experience, an intense memory of this adventure and the unique existing relationship between man and these splendid sea mammals.

Oltremare, Riccione:

A theme park to enjoy to the full! Offering lots of experiences to discover and animals to see.
The Dolphin Lagoon sits at the heart of Oltremare, an authentic reconstruction of a rocky inlet in the Adriatic Sea that contains over 9 million litres of seawater. The lagoon is home to Ulisse, the most curious of Europe’s dolphins, his Tursiop friends and the new addition grampus pup, Mary G. Between sprays, jumps and acrobatic manoeuvres you will be enthralled by the grand sea show!
The Molino del Gufo: the mill is a refuge for owls, falcons, eagles and vultures. Guided by our expert bird handlers, these wonderful creatures offer visitors amazing flight and hunting demonstrations where protagonists like the Peregrine falcon or the Harris buzzards stupefy all with their dangerous manoeuvres.
The Pianeta Terra: Planet Earth a journey through time from the Big Bang to the beginnings of life, the dinosaur extinction and the last ice age through to today. A 15 billion year long show!

Atlantica, Cesenatico:

Atlantica is the water theme park at Cesenatico, one of the most popular of the Riviera Romagnola, with visitors from all over Italy and Europe. The park opened in the summer of 1988 and covers an area of over 100.000 square metres, of which 42.000 sq.m. is green parkland while 5.700 sq.m. heated water attractions with a constant temperature of 28°C. There are many attractions but the most spectacular is the huge circular swimming pool with 3 types of waves to enjoy, at the centre there is an atoll to help you dream of southern seas.

Italia In Miniatura: 

Miniature Italy is a theme park dedicated to the historical, architectural and cultural patrimony of Italy, a park that offers both enjoyment and education at the same time! The park takes you on an extraordinary journey through 273 reproductions to scale, from 1:25 to 1:50, of Italian and European monuments. A unique occasion to see some of the most beautiful places in Italy brought together in one location while also discovering some new destinations. Only here can you enjoy and experience emotions as you travel, dream but also learn! Measure your driving ability at the Interactive Driving School or challenge your friends to a water fight to the last drop at Cannonacqua! 
If you are feeling reckless try the river rapids in a canoe, if that is not enough for you then you can launch yourself into the sky at supersonic speed on board the Sling Shot! Should you wish, on the other hand, to enjoy the park in complete relaxation then take a trip on the Arcobaleno monorail or on a gondola in Venice, a fifth of the size of the real thing! If the “long” journey through Italy makes you hungry you can try some of the delicacies offered by our restaurants or eat a picnic in the shade of the trees (those are not miniature!) in the equipped picnic areas.

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